Keeping fit and healthy through exercise means you have

  1. STRENGTH to push, pull and lift loads without straining yourself
  2. STAMINA to sustain any daily activity you do
  3. SUPPLENESS OR FLEXIBILITY to help you bend, stretch and twist in your daily work without hurting yourself.

The benefits of exercise

HEART AND LUNGS It strengthens heart and lungs and makes them work more efficiently. It reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke.

BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES It lowers your risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Those who are already affected will also benefit from exercise. It helps control these diseases.

BLOOD CIRCULATION Your blood circulation will improve.

WEIGHT Regular exercise burns fat and helps you get trim and fit. You'll look good. It controls your appetite too, so you actually eat less.

MUSCLES AND JOINTS Your muscles become stronger and your joints more flexible. You can avoid backache and other aches in later life.

MIND It keeps you alert and relieves stress. You'll feel good. You sleep better too.

BONES It keeps bones strong as you get older and prevents osteoporosis (thin bones) and fractures in women after menopause.

BOWELS It helps you have regular bowel movements.

AGING Fit people remain alert, active and well coordinated into their later years.

FAMILY TOGETHERNESS Exercising with your family helps improve communication and reduces stress in relationships.

MEET NEW FRIENDS Join a group that exercises, and make new friends.

LIVE BETTER Having a regular exercise programme helps you with other health habits - like controlling your appetite, quitting smoking and alcohol.