Resveratrol the antioxidant supplement you need

There are several plants that when are under attack secrete a substance called Resveratrol which has a multitude of beneficial effects. Being particularly interested in finding out more about the powers of Resveratrol, scientists have also discovered the natural substance in laboratories that is now on the market, and are in health supplements. Many of the effects that have been reported have been tested on mice and in labs.

Reading the studies one could conclude the following about Resveratrol: anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive (cancer wise), anti-aging and neuroprotective. Part of the stilbenoids class, Resveratrol has been studied by many scientists including by David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School. He is the one that has made many of the discoveries related to the anti-aging effects. The scientist hopes that one day Resveratrol is going to show conclusively to have the same effect on humans as he keeps on researching the molecule.

Right now, Resveratrol supplements are available over the Internet, in different doses and capsules with several dose recommendations. For some time now, it has been thought that women who go into menopause need health supplements. Even though not many considered the Resveratrol supplement as being the ideal thing, it was discovered that it may have phytooestrogenic effects, that meaning that he protects postmenopausal women from both osteoporosis and cardiovascular illness. These studies might pinpoint a new and certainly important way for the medical world to reduce the upsetting effects of the menopause. As for other effects that the Resveratrol capsules have, in studies they have shown to reduce inflammation and being extremely useful in the case of chronic inflammation such as the one from arthritis, psoriasis or Chron disease.

These anti-inflammatory effects have been long studied and it was discovered that high doses are required in order for the Resveratrol to reduce the edema that causes in fact the inflammation. As there is more than one type of inflammation, one should know that Resveratrol is also effective in the case the inflammation that is caused by ischemia or various other chemical mechanisms. Studies performed might demonstrate that Resveratrol is indeed a healthy alternative for those suffering from chronic inflammation as it has the possibility to reduce different inflammation patterns and even enhance the response of the immune system to the inflammation for different animals. A high Resveratrol dose (as shown in studies on animals) is also known to have cardioprotective effects and also against viral infection with herpes simplex. Found not only in the lab but also in red wine, grapes and Polygonum cuspidatum tea, Resveratrol is an antioxidant supplement that may bring great benefits to your entire body.

In studies, It protects the heart, the brain from cerebral vascular attacks and the neuroprotective effects mentioned are known to appear even when the dose is really reduced. Available in capsules of 500 or 1000 mg (Trans-Resveratrol), it may prevent or reduce the gravity of cancer and various heart disease as it was mentioned in studies. Other properties include those related to inflammation, viral infections and protection against hearing loss. The substance is quickly eliminated from the circulation and thus larger doses are required, still there are some studies that show that the dose should never exceed 1g/kg as toxicity might appear. Without a doubt, Resveratrol is one of the many promises the medical world makes when it comes to some of the most serious illnesses worldwide.

RevGenetics is engineering the supplements to help you and your loved ones live longer, healthier lives. Our products harness the power of resveratrol, the "red wine molecule" that is becoming notorious in the medical field for its potential to help combat cancer, viral infections, and the effects of diabetes, as well as age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer's and arthritis:

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