Hepatitis C Treating Hepatitis C with Herbs and Natural Therapies

Hepatitis C is referred to as a serious infectious virus by medical experts. They also like to refer to this disease as a communicable liver disease. This disease directly attacks the liver of the patient. However, people are more at ease these days, when it comes to talking about this condition or having contracted it for various reasons.

The reason is wide availability of treatment options for this infectious disease. You would be highly surprised to know that a wide variety of herbal and natural treatment options are available Hepatitis C, these days. These are any day, a better option because the medications are effective, 100% safe and widely available. Here is an explanation of certain alternative therapies often prescribed for patients with Hepatitis C: a) Take 200mg of concentrated milk thistle with 140mg of silymarin on a daily basis.

Certain studies have shown that when these herbs are used together, the disease is slowly exterminated from the body and that too without any side effects. b) Authentic ginseng from a local vitamin store will do a lot of good to you. You can also take it in the form of a tea. c) Focus on drinking licorice root tea periodically. This herb is effective in patients with Hepatitis C. One can take about two cups in a week.

d) Sweeten your food articles with glycyrrhizin. This is obtained from licorice root. However, you should not use more than about 200mg on a daily basis. e) You may use ginger root in conjunction with, St. John's Wort in order to fight depression and nausea. These herbs are often used to subsidize effects of painful medical treatments.

f) Have green tea regularly. This will help in stabilizing cell membranes. g) Take a tablet of milk thistle daily in order to restore and protect liver cells. Milk thistle is actually the most common herb used in order to treat almost all types of hepatitis.

h) Drink a teaspoon of St. John's Wort tincture with water at least twice or thrice a day. You may also take about three tablets of St.

John's Wort on a daily basis. St. John's Wort is known to provide adequate protection to the liver from several viral infections that ultimately lead to Hepatitis C.

i) Take 8 grams of schisandra powed and mix it to herbal tea. This will effectively protect liver cells and also work towards rebuilding them. j) You must include garlic as an integral part of a healthy diet that's rich in vegetables and fresh fruits. Garlic is the most common ingredient that's found is several herbal remedies.

It purifies blood and also removes toxins from the body. You can eat garlic raw, in a tablet form or even cooked. You need to take garlic capsules with strong odor. This ensures 100% antiviral effects.

- Important tip and warning You must strictly stay away from using herbal remedies that include tinctures that has been extracted using alcohol or remedies that include alcohol. These medications will further damage your liver cells.

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