Donald Trump The Apprentice And Physical Fitness

As you watched Donald Trump's Apprentice did you notice the number of exercises scripted into the first three seasons? Kwame and Troy were prominently short regularly keeping fit with exercises. This was deliberately written to show us all that physical fitness and mental alertness are necessary for a successful executive delivery. Physical fitness and mental alertness as shown in Donald Trump's Apprentice go hand in hand and, it will inconceivable to think that if you are not active physically you will be seen to be mentally alert. This is why the entire members of Apprentice candidates engaged in physical exercises to keep fit both mentally and physically. I guess that is why many of the Apprentice candidates regularly engaged in physical exercises with different kinds of calisthenics including press ups, pull ups; using weights and trade mills for regular workouts as shown in the first three seasons of the Apprentice.

In the second season you would have seen the male members of the Apprentice team having a go at basketball. There was that interesting scene where a hole was inadvertently put in the wall by no other than the season two winner, Kelly, while playing. The general picture here is that the physical fitness impression created with the first three seasons of Donald Trump's Apprentice seeks to convey to both the candidates and viewers the importance of physical and mental alertness.

Everyone is supposed to be active 75% of the time in a day, but for most executives, work situation compels them to lead a sedentary lifestyle with less and less physical activities as they sit long hours in the office, car or aircraft in the course of their work. What, therefore, was being conveyed in the first three seasons of the Apprentice is that you must find time to exercise in spite how busy your schedule may be. Remember that, always. Your success depends entirely on both your physical and mental fitness.

The truth is that not being physically fit predisposes you to lower mental alertness. But you can use water aerobics and other types of aerobics like running, jogging; even matching to an audio band in your office can get you active and physically fit with the accompanying mental alertness. Conversely, if you neglect exercises you most probably will be predisposed to being overweight and could suffer anything from heart problems to diabetes and high blood pressure.

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