Acne Can Happen To Anyone

Acne happens to nearly every one of us at some point in our lives. It's so common that anywhere from 75 to 80% of people between the ages of 15 and 35 have skin problems. The rise in over the counter remedies has risen dramatically and while some work for some people, many of us are forced to seek professional help from dermatologists. In some cases, lotions and soaps, specifically those that contain Benzoyl peroxide can eliminate bacteria. Sometimes antibiotics will be used along with products like Accutane which can help keep skin pores open and minimize any scarring. Contrary to popular belief, just washing your face often may not be enough.

Zits actually form when hair follicles get clogged up and this blocks the skin's oil elimination route. This oil called sebum, and it's excretion, can be increased in some individuals due to genetics and may also rise during puberty. Under the skin, blocked sebum creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and this can cause inflammation which ultimately culminates into pimples. By all means, it's not a bad thing to wash your face and try to keep it clean. Just don't overdo it since this can cause more problems.

There has always been a debate about chocolate and it's effects on your skin. Experts are still undecided on just how diet might affect the health of the skin, but more and more are leaning towards an overall healthy diet which can positively influence the entire body. Drinking plenty of good clean water can help flush out toxins from the body as well as from the skin. If your diet has been rather poor before, you may see an increase in the sebum excretion for a time. If your able to follow a good diet and drink plenty of water you should see things improve after a few days.

It really needs to be kept in mind that not all remedies will work for every person. What works for one, may not work for another. With this in mind, it's important to try different options until you find a solution.

Be sure to use common sense and discretion when dealing with non-prescription products. If you continue to have problems it would then be a good idea to seek out help from a dermatologist. Finally, it's also good to keep in mind that you should let nature run it's course and not pick or squeeze a zit if you get one. There is always a strong urge to get rid of them as fast as possible but this usually just aggravates and prolongs the problem.

Mark Washburn is a freelance writer with experience on acne skin care and other skin care issues.

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